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Meet The JCS Arts

Teacher Leaders

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Amy Harrod

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District Arts Coordinator








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Instrumental Education



Staci Goggins

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K-12 Art Education


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Dylan Schatko

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K-12 Music 


Visual Art

Visual Arts, an integral part of education in the Jessamine County Schools, is a sequentially taught K-12 program that enhances the visual expressions of students at every level.  As students work at meeting artistic challenges, critical thinking skills, vocabulary, and the connection to other courses of study are interwoven during instruction and independent activities.  

In the elementary grades, students develop observation skills, explore imagination, increase eye and hand coordination through manipulation of art media and tools, and become more sophisticated in depicting movement, spatial relationships and emotions in their work.

Students in grades 6-8 become infused with a variety of images and approaches as they consider artworks in historical perspectives.  Students begin to form a foundation of learning about Visual Arts and continue to increase the appreciation of Visual Arts. Student outcomes increase in sophistication and complexity.

The high school program builds upon prior knowledge and experience.  They continue to use a wide range of subject matter, symbols, meaningful images and visual expression.  At this level, there are classes for Art I-IV, as well as, additional specialty classes.
At all levels, students have the opportunity to participate in a variety of competitions and displays, thus, Visual Arts becomes a challenge to students to recognize their own ideas, values, and beliefs and communicate them through creative expression.

Performing Arts

The Performing Arts curriculum in Jessamine County Schools includes vocal and instrumental music, as well as drama.

In grades K-5 general music is taught at all 7 schools throughout the county, and students learn to sing and play instruments, and to value various styles of music.

In the middle schools, choral music and instrumental music are both offered as separate classes.

In high school, there are a number vocal music courses including choral music and show choir.  There are also several instrumental music courses including concert and marching band, guitar and theory, and jazz and percussion.  In addition, students may choose from a few Theatre Arts courses throughout the year.

There are many opportunities for performances throughout the school year. Bands march in parades and at athletic events, individuals and groups perform and compete at various gatherings and competitions, and dramatic performances are presented in all schools.  


The Jessamine County Arts Walk, the All-County Choral Festival, and the All-County Band Events are major annual events.  We strive to give students multiple opportunities for all county, all district and all state events.  


The purpose of JCS Arts+:

To foster an appreciation for all art forms and provide after school opportunities for creative exploration and self-discovery.

Our after school Arts+ program offers opportunities for students to participate in art classes and workshops, private instrumental and vocal lessons, as well as instrumental and choral classes.

Arts+ Community Theatre provides a variety of community theatre opportunities including a summer musical intensives for upper elementary - high school, a winter show, as well as theatre workshops throughout the year.

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