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2022 KSBA Banner
Created by Riley Nelson, Ryleigh Haller, and Riley Barnes
Rosenwald Dunbar Elementary Students

Congratulations to
our Arts Star Teachers for 2021-2022!

Staci Goggins, Art
Rosenwald Dunbar Elementary 

Brett Burton, Music
West Jessamine High School

All Arts Star Teacher Nominees


to our Christmas Card


Laycee Stephens, 6th Grade
East Jessamine Middle School
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Thank you to the Jessamine Chamber for their collaboration with our Christmas Card Contest.  Details coming soon!
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JCS #bekind Artwork

Congratulations to our 2021-2022 
Arts Star Recipients!

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Performance Park Community Art Project

Jessamine Early Learning Village

"Keep Running the Race"

Jessamine Early Learning Village _Keep R

The artwork, "Keep Running the Race,"  is an example of an important part of our culture in Kentucky.  It is divided into pieces like a puzzle to symbolize the fact that everyone has a place in this world and if we all work together, we can do something great!  Some students painted paper and some drew small pieces of the picture.  When all the pieces were glued together, it created a whole new artwork.

The title, "Keep Running the Race,"  is a metaphor of encouragement to others to never give up on being the best you can be!

Brookside Elementary


"Up, Up, and Away"

Brookside _Up, Up, and Away_.jpg

We chose to depict the hot air balloon festivals of Central Kentucky due to the breathtaking colors and images found at these events.

The theme "Up , Up & Away" also hold some symbolism for Brookside Elementary as this mural was worked on by our Brookside families at our first "Brookside Specials Night", in April 2019. We hope that our Specials Night will "take off" and become an annual celebration of the arts at Brookside. Thanks to all the families who helped complete this mural.

Warner Elementary

"Creative Horses of Nicholasville"

Warner Elementary _Creative Horses of Ni

Our painting "Creative Horses of Nicholasville" is inspired by the horses and people of this great region. 1st-5th grade students at Warner Elementary drew ideas of what would best show the spirit of horses, in decorative form, running in a field. There is a lot going on in our community and we wanted express through "Creative Horses of Nicholasville" that everyone can share their unique approach to life and move along together. 

East Jessamine Middle School

"Pleasant Hill"

East Jessamine Middle School _Pleasant H

The painting “Pleasant Hill” is based on the Water House (1833) and Brethren’s Bath House (1860)— buildings at Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill in Harrodsburg, KY. The composition was chosen because the large and small buildings resemble a relationship between a teacher, or parent and a child. Students from EJMS were instrumental in assisting with the painting, and most of the sky was completed with fingerprints by many 6th-8th graders. 

West Jessamine High School

"High Bridge Spring Water"

West Jessamine High School _High Bridge

As the representatives of the art department of West Jessamine High School, we were inspired by the late Andy Warhol and his pop art style. The multiple images of slightly different compositions are reminiscent of his work. The High Bridge Spring water bottle was chosen as the focal point because it is a very well-known brand, but still exclusive to our community. Our collaboration on this project is very apparent and we worked very well together on this piece.

Rosenwald Dunbar Elementary


Rosenwald Dunbar Elementary _Connected_.

The idea originated because students had a wide range of ideas and suggestions based on the theme of Kentucky. In order to encompass and include all the student ideas we connected the ideas together using a mixed media process. 1st thru 5th grade students had the option of creating Kentucky inspired art piece. The pieces were then copied to a gray scale, torn into pieces and collaged at random onto the wood board. Students used acrylic wash to paint a landscape and then recreate an image from Camp Nelson onto the collaged background. 

Red Oak Elementary

"Racing Towards Greatness"

Red Oak Elementary _Racing Towards Great

In keeping with the theme of "Celebrating Jessamine County", the third graders at Red Oak Elementary chose to focus on the importance of horses and horse farms in Jessamine County.

Third graders first used maps of Jessamine County to decoupage the horses on the mural.  They then portioned off the rest of the board and painted the sky, grass, flowers and fireflies which they felt were all important aspects of horse farms in Jessamine County.

Nicholasville Elementary


Nicholasville Elementary _Symbolism_.jpg

The mural Symbolism, painted by Nicholasville Elementary School and contributed to the city of Nicholasville, is based mostly on Kentucky state symbols. The Cardinal is the state bird; Goldenrod is the state flower; Tulip Poplar is the state tree; and the state butterfly is the Viceroy. The grapes are the only object that is not a state symbol but rather a symbol of Jessamine County having the first commercial vineyard and winery in the United States. Over 200 years ago, John James Dufor of Vevey, Switzerland started this vineyard that today we know as First Vineyard. For more information on this National Historical place visit

West Jessamine Middle School

"Pinhole Eclipse"

West Jessamine Middle School _Pinhole Ec

East Jessamine High School

"A Ray of Hope"

East Jessamine High School _A Ray of Hop

Our artwork is supposed to replicate a sunset under a “A Ray of Hope” for the Jessamine County Animal Control Felines and Canines.  Each Panel represents different animals that are currently or have been through the adoption process in hopes to help them find their Fur-ever homes.  Our artwork was made on plywood using Gesso and Acrylic Paint and lots of love! Our goal for this project was to successfully create a sunset using all of the animals and I believe we were successful as a whole.


Artists: Rebecca Hodges, Loagan Cornett, Alexis Ramirez, Madison Correll, Mackenzy Harris, Alexis Allen, Alexis Miller, Raegan Lewis, Franchesca Roque, Eric Bornelus, Adelina Gonzalez, Katie Herko, Elijah Collier, Hadley Turner, Deona Whiteaker, Victoria Marrup, and Javier Sologuren.

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